Console: PS3
Transferable: NO



1. Click 'RECOVERY' or 'IN GAME'
2. Fill Out The Form with Correct Details
3. Proceed To Payment
4. After Payment is Complete your Form is Submitted
5. Account is Completed within 15 minutes (No later than 24 hours or your money back)
What is a 'Recovery'?
An account recovery is simple, we have access to your account and apply the mods you have selected
What is a 'Premade' Account?
These account are made fresh with a random email/password and ID, and will have the mods listed in the description. This is also the most popular as its an instant download, so you wont have to wait for your mods.
What is 'In-Game' Service?
If you don't like the recovery service, no worries we have you covered, you can join our game online and have the mods applied to your account in game.